When you bring someone from the outside to create an impact with your community, what is most important?  To deliver a “rah rah” message to leave everyone feeling good?  A training explained in a way that it resonates?  A talk that is entertaining and feels good?  A talk from an expert with experience on a particular subject that moves people into action?

All speakers and trainers are not alike.  Each of them have their own style and character.  Tony Lucero is the premier “Enter-Trainer” in the country.  He has a unique gift that combines laughter, real life situations, pattern interrupts, hypnotic and NLP language in a way that moves an audience like no other. His 10 years on the road performing comedy and understanding the mind and heart relationship enables him to deliver impactful messages that are remembered long after the event.  He has spoke all over the world on the subject of “belief” and personal “activation.”  

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Tony Lucero