Tony’s book on personal “ACTIVATION” is HERE!

Imagine a book that took you on a journey that unlocked your purpose. A book that has
specific ingredients to put you on a clear path of discovery. Tony’s first book is a
transformational book like no other. It is a book of “activation” and how you can manifest the life you deserve with the specific action steps on how to stay on the path.

How to Give Birth to a Kondor
A Guide to Discovery

Is available NOW!  All orders receive a personalized signed copy and special offering from Tony.

Personalized signed copy $20 includes and a special gift

“Whatever time we have should be in the pursuit of discovery. My life’s work is within the pages of this book. The blueprint you seek for the life you deserve is here.  I am filled with joy that I get to bring the message of activation to you!”  Tony Lucero